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Welcome to GraviTicks!

GraviTicks is a 3D gravity simulation space shooter. Orbit around planets to gather Graviton energy and use it to navigate and fire. Giant Space Ticks are sucking the magnetic field energy from our planets. Stop them before it's too late!

*** Version 1.1 Flight Control Overhaul Coming Soon! ***

News: July 16th :: GraviTicks is listed in the Games section "New and Noteworthy" section!
iTunes Application Store Link.

Learn more about GraviTicks by reading the story.

Click the play button on the YouTube video below to watch the game in action on an iPhone 3G.

Version 1.0.1 (iPhone OS 3 Tested) Release Gameplay Video:

Current Version 1.0.1 Release — Latest update: June 14th, 2009. Click here to view full sized HD video on YouTube!