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Controlling Spacecraft:

Your SATEL1 spacecraft stores and uses graviton energy. To make the spacecraft move up and down, tilt the device forward or back. To make it turn, rotate the device left or right, like a steering wheel. The Thrust button will speed up your spacecraft and the Retro button will slow it down. The faster you go, the more difficult it is to turn, as gravity has less effect on your spacecraft.

Charging GravBombs:

Pressing your finger on the screen (not on a button) starts charging the GravBomb. The longer you hold your finger down the more destructive power the GravBomb will have.

Firing GravBombs:

Releasing your finger on desired target fires the GravBomb at it. Releasing your finger on an empty area of the screen, fires it straight ahead.

Removing Space Ticks:

The GravBomb sends a gravitational shock wave through the planets high above its atmosphere and shocks the Space Tick. Over time, the Space Ticks become more resistant to these shocks and more GravBombs are required to destroy them.

Graviton Energy Collection:

Collect energy by navigating your spacecraft into a tight orbit around a planet. The sun is a graviton grounding point (GGP), so SATEL1 is unaffected by its gravity, increasing the planets' gravitational strength. The closer you get to the planet, the more gravitons your spacecraft collects the more energy you will store. If you reach zero energy, and continue to Thrust, Retro or fire, you will damage the ship.

Game Points:

Points measure your progress in eliminating Space Ticks. Gather points by collecting gravitons and destroying the Space Ticks quickly. The longer a Space Tick feeds on a planet, the less points it is worth.

Explore Mode:

This is the SATEL1 training simulator. Learn to fly around the solar system without any nasty Space Ticks mucking things up. Tap on the yellow arrow to cycle through the planets.