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Auto Calibration

When you 'Tap to Launch' the GraviTicks engine will calibrate the up/down tilt modifier to that angle.

Will GraviTicks Run Okay on iPhone 1st Generation?

The iPhone 1st Gen & the iPhone 3G are essentially the same device and should be able to run GraviTicks without problem.

Gameplay Jitter

Restarting your iPhone or iPod Touch will probably give you better gameplay. GraviTicks is an CPU intense game and a restart tends to clear up other applications use on the system. Turning off the audio while in gameplay (tapping the tiny cassette) will also improve gameplay.

Device Running Hot

If you play games for a long time, even with the device plugged in.. the heat generated will eventually slow the device down for ALL applications.

Don't Man Handle It!

Playing GraviTicks takes grace, gently tilting & turning the device. After a few minutes you will understand how to fly by gently adjusting your flight path.