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GraviTicks update coming soon! July 7th, 2009

Feature and speed improvements will be uploaded to the app store soon. Thank you all for your feedback!

GraviTicks Now available for sale. July 4th, 2009

Click the App Store link above... Or click here.

GraviTicks Website — June 7th, 2009

You're looking at it!

GraviTicks Beta — June 2nd, 2009

First beta build deployed, testing gameplay and proformance. Additional SFX added, Music tests.

Gameplay Score, Levels — May 26th, 2009

Space ticks added, points for shooting them! Energy lost if you get hit by them... nearing beta!

Game Alpha Testing — May 17th, 2009

First tests on iPhone completed, finalizing gameplay functionality and in game effects.

Menu System & Game State Controller — April 30th, 2009

Worked up the menu system, graphics took a while but got them nailed down. Project SATEL1 has been named as GraviTicks.... darn those gnarly space ticks!

Gameplay UI — April 6th, 2009

First tests of the spacecraft navigation system, device tilt functionality, instructions section.

iPhone Test — March 31st, 2009

First test on the iPhone 3G! Gameplay is starting to materalize.

Gravitation System — March 30th, 2009

First development tests of the first Newtonian based planet gravity engine.

Project Start — March 17th, 2009

Project SATEL1 game idea started out over pints on the patio of The Royale. SATEL1 is to be a casual space/gravity/fly around the solar system type game.