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The GraviTicks Story

A newly discovered predator known as a Space Tick is threatening the solar system. These nasty bugs feed off the gravitational field of planets, weakening them and causing the planet's eventual demise. If they persist, their actions will completely throw off the solar system's stability and eventually destroy the earth.

The spacecraft SATEL1 is a multi-nation effort to thwart the impending doom to our solar system. The great scientists of the world developed the first anti-gravity propulsion system that absorbs planetary graviton energy and uses it to seek and destroy the Space Ticks.

The future seems bleak, but the cooperation of the world's governments is helping re-stabilize our solar system. SATEL1 is just the first development from Earth's greatest scientists to remove the threat of the gravity eating Space Ticks. While you are on your mission, they are currently working around the clock to develop new and more powerful tools for fighting Space Ticks.

In the meantime, the safety of the solar system depends on you. Take control and destroy as many Space Ticks as you can...